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Latlng: (47.011897, -84.775459)

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Algoma District

Abandoned Lighthouse

Discovered by Jayna
Created Sep 14 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City Algoma District, Ontario
Location # 16752

Coppermine Point Lighthouse - Historical Location

Latlng: (47.011897, -84.775459)


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Jayna I found the correct coordinates but am unable to change the address. It's a historical location called Coppermine Point Lighthouse. The correct address is available on Google. I'm sorry!

Oct 03 2020

clay70 Algoma

Oct 02 2020

trailblazer519 Great add! Not many lighthouses on here. Are your co-ordinates correct? Kind of an odd spot for a lighthouse to be that far inland..

Sep 15 2020