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Valley Farm- J. Palmer Home

Discovered by spydrgyrl
Created Mar 19 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Foundations
City Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
Location # 2495

Palmer house - valley farm

Thanks to "Nobody"s request in the forum for this one:

"There is an abandoned and derelict location in Pickering I go to often throughout the year and I cannot find any information on it, and would love to know what it is! It is located in the Valley Farm Ravine on Valley Farm Road at Greenmount Street, Pickering. You can see the outline of the foundation on Google maps, in the grass directly parallel to Greenmount Street in between Valley Farm Road and the river that runs through the land. It would be a very muddy hike down the large hill and through the field at this time of year, but in the summer the grass grows about waist high and it is quite hot and buggy - so now may be a good time to visit. The whole area is beautiful in the summer though, with the river, fields, and forests. Please email me and let me know if you can find any information on this lot and its previous inhabitants! Thank you."

The ruins are the remains of one of the buildings of the farmstead that once belonged to James L. Palmer. James was a farmer and lumber manufacturer who settled in the area in 1837. By 1877 he owned concession II, lots 20 and 21 in Pickering township. He must have been quite wealthy as a drawing of the farmstead is featured in the Canadian County Atlas, a spread that one had to pay for to have included in the Atlases.

I have included an aerial photo of the location from 1993 - you can still the red roof on the barn. The structure that is still partially standing is the barn.

This farmstead, as the adjoining one to the west, are the two properties that have given the road its name - Valley Farm. What is not apparent in the photo is that the farm is located deep in a valley .. the entry point of the laneway is much farther south. The adjoining property will be the subject of a further post. ;)

I will continue to add more info as I come across it. Thanks for your query, Nobody! ;)

Latlng: (43.855947, -79.091542)


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flirtingwithdisaster oh my! thanks for identifying this one! my friends and i have been walking down to the "valley farm house" as long as i can remember, great for spontaneous photo shoots in the fall... despite the grafitti that now covers the building, its an awesome first time exploration mission! thank you for the history & background.

May 02 2014
unknown user avatar

Unknown user Tons of graffiti and broken beer bottles and trash. Not worth checking out

Apr 02 2012

clay70 Yes the J Palmer property is very historic to me as well. Great stuff Trish..The north section of his lot became the Gottleib farm in the mid 1900s and was used for the filming of Hawkeye and Last of the MOhicans in the 1950s. I have another treasure for you just north of here where Ganatsekiagon Creek and Conc 3 touch on the old IP Don property..see the house marked on the 1877 map? It a log cabi

Mar 19 2011