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Halloween Witch Magic (2009)

User clay70
Date Jun 30 2010
Recent status Unknown
Category Ghost Town
City Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
Location # 913
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Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot14.jpg

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Looking north up Salem Rd. to Salem's Corners at Hwy. 7. Howell's Hollow was west of here near Brougham.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot16.jpg

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Looking east along Rossland Rd. (formerly Concession 3) to Carruther's Creek. Salem's Lot is just north of there. There used to be an auto wrecker just to the left, which is mentioned in the ghostly story on the other page.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot17.jpg

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Looking west towards Salem's Lot. Sideline 4 once ran from Rossland Rd. (Concession 3) through the creek valley, over the creek, and northward back in the 1800's.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot18.jpg

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Sporadic junk at Salem's lot.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot19.jpg

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Looking down the old road (Sideline 4) from the 1800's.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot20.jpg

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Possible remains from the bridge that crossed Carruther's Creek in the 1800's.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot21.jpg

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This was one of the first pioneer homes built on Salem's lot. This property belonged to Either I.B. Carpenter or J. Bell in 1877 according to the Beers Map. Is this your first home Mr. Carpenter or Mr. Bell? You can see the foundations in the ground and of course its chimney is still in pretty go

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot22.jpg

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Chimney closer up.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot24.jpg

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This was an old well or pit of some kind near to the home and chimney on the road heading north from where the old bridge crosses the creek. Its three times as big as it looks in this photo.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot25.jpg

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This was a dam built with a another newer bridge ontop of it. This dam was built on a smaller tributary into Carruther's Creek, which I am guessing served as a watering hole for cattle at one time.

Halloween Witch Magic (2009) - Salems-Lot26.jpg

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Here is the dammed up mud pond with the bridge going over. Follow this across and it takes you back to the old road (laneway) from the 1800's.