Latlng: (43.885478, -79.087105)

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Ajax And Pickering

Old Cars Left To Rot

Discovered by curiousexplorer
Created Sep 22 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
City Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
Location # 16774

House is locked up tight. Big garage and chicken coop out back, however got creepy vibes so we stayed out. Couple of old cars laying around next to an out house

Latlng: (43.885478, -79.087105)


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avatar of breriegs
breriegs Also electricity is still on in 2/3 structures
Feb 01 2021
avatar of breriegs
breriegs Still there and easy access! If you’re driving you can park in the loop on concessions 6 and walk across the street as there’s a gate blocking the road down (but just a chain no lock so you could just open the gate). House on the property seems to be vacant but there were fresh tire tracks going up the driveway (property owner, maintenance, realtor?).
Feb 01 2021
avatar of curiousexplorer
curiousexplorer Coordinates are correct, thanks though!!😊😊
Oct 18 2020
avatar of terrortokes
terrortokes I’ve seen these before almost 10 years ago and those coordinates aren’t right. It’s closer to Pickering pioneer village.
Oct 15 2020
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Is the GPS correct for this? Also you''re photos need to be rotated.
Sep 22 2020