Howell's Hollow Nov 2020

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Date Jan 03 2021
Recent status Unknown
Category Ghost Town
City Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
Location # 910
Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201128_202420255(1).jpg
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I came here a couple times in November 2020, saw this on the second time. If you know where the wheel for this farm equipment is please email! I'm not affiliated with whoever wrote this (I'm assuming Pickering Museum) but it would be cool if things weren't vandalised.

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201121_211101049.jpg
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The ground on the other side of this wall (north side) is approximately a metre taller than the ground on the south side, pictured. Thought it was pretty cool.

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201121_211028693.jpg
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Inside a wall on the barn

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201121_210138744.jpg
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birds' nest in the barn

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201121_210050408.jpg
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Wall and door frame as viewed from inside the barn.

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201121_205451196.jpg
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Inscription on the cairn

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201121_205442438.jpg
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Cairn on the way to the barn and wall

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201121_203439525.jpg
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We crossed two of these bridges, it's literally five logs tied together with a strap. Relatively stable, the heaviest of us weighs 160 lbs, but I might be careful if things are wet and banks aren't stable. Even if something goes wrong, though, it's a short drop into a shallow slow moving creek.

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201128_202503463.jpg
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Abandoned farm equipment (missing a wheel!)

Howell's Hollow Nov 2020 - PXL_20201128_202405715.jpg
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Abandoned farm equipment to the northeast of the wall and barn, a little off the path. Watch for ticks.