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Howell's Hollow 2019

User magnezone150
Date May 16 2019
Recent status Unknown
Category Ghost Town
City Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
Location # 910
Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)22.jpg
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Henry Howell's Cattle Barn and Foundation

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)23.jpg
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Cattle Barn Roof from inside

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)24.jpg
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The view from the front door going into the Cattle Barn, You can see some old tools and parts scattered in the building

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)25.jpg
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A Tree Growing through the building

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)26.jpg
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Much Larger now than pictures taken years prior

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)27.jpg
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In the middle between the barn foundation and cattle barn looks like a smaller structure used to be there

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)28.jpg
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The Barn Foundation now, with some tags, markings and graffiti on it

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)29.jpg
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The Cattle Barn from the right side

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)30.jpg
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Cattle Barn :)

Howell's Hollow 2019 - Howells-Hollow-(ghost-town)31.jpg
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Cattle Barn from the left side