Hollow's Howell

User clay70
Date Jun 30 2010
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Category Ghost Town
City Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
Location # 910
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Howell's Hollow is located on property in the City of Pickering that many would never believe a village actually existed on here in the early 1800's. From Sideline 16 just SE of Brougham at the junction of the 407 there is a huge field down in a hollow. From Sideline 16 looking east down the ho

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Howell's Hollow became Brougham with the naming of the post office. However, this is not the Brougham of today. This is the original dated 1832 and this cairn marks its former location.

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Looking east from Sideline 16 into Howell's Hollow.

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Down in Howell's Hollow looking back west toward Sideline 16. The pioneer village existed in this field.

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This is Brougham Creek where Henry Howell had his mill and distillery in the 1830s.

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I am certain the mill existed right here.

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Howell's barn foundations.

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Inside Howell's cattle barn.

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Lots of birds and pioneer implements still lie around here.

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The old hydro line from the 1930s.

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Looking west from down in the hollow. Howell's actual home existed right behind me in this shot.

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The old gravel trail that lead to Howell's Hollow.

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Gravestone in the pioneer cemetery to the south of Howell's Hollow exists across the road from an old landfill site.