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Ajax And Pickering

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels

User captamerica
Date Jan 02 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category Other
City Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
Location # 2901
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Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed1.jpg

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Looks like just a shack but this property has its own address. Doesn't look like it was inhabitable. The neighboring houses have already been demolished.

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed3.jpg

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Someone disconnected my phone and my cable.

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed4.jpg

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A Big Wheel, left behind.

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed5.jpg

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Paintball vandals. Careful of those steps in the back, I actually took a tumble down them.

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed8.jpg

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View from the 2nd story.

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed10.jpg

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what is with all these dog houses? Or are they chicken coops?

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed13.jpg

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The telltale signs of 'progress' next door. Wiping the Earth clean of any signs of inhabitation.

Sideline 28 Dog Kennels - Dog-Kennels--Shed15.jpg

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these barrels were at the property next door which had just been demolished, and they're still there... was someone trying to hide them under a pine branch???