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Ajax And Pickering

Barkey-Michell House

Ajax And Pickering, Ontario

Location Owner spydrgyrl
Creation Date May 22 2011
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Location Ajax And Pickering, Ontario
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Another beautiful home that will soon meet the wrecking ball. The Barkey House sits on Pickering Airport Lands. The home was constructed in 1875 by Mennonite farmer and preacher Daniel Barkey; the Barkeys were one of the settling families of the area. The Michell family owned the property up until 1972 when, according to John Sabean, president of the Pickering Township Historical Society, the government expropriated the land. The door on the addition had been newly secured. As it turns out, this house is now under investigation by Durham police after discovery of a newly constructed confinement space in the basement; see link. The house is currently available for purchase within the next six months after which time it is scheduled to be demolished.

Latlng: (43.920327, -79.190993)


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avatar of spydrgyrl
Nov 18 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs They busted the weirdo who built the's G&M:
Feb 14 2012
avatar of sQualie
sQualie Here a link to pics of the confinement room: If you're on UER, there's a public thread about it and Beer Bunny has been and has pics, although she's only posted a few of them.
Jan 11 2012
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Good way to get yourself banned from this site pelchhy. We do not condone breaking and entering or vandalism of any kind.
Jan 11 2012
avatar of pelchhy
pelchhy WIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why didnt anyone make it in this house?!?!?!?! if i was around the area i would have cut a hole in the wall with a jigsaw if i had to, to get in! i wanted to see that room so freaking bad!!!!
Jan 08 2012
avatar of that-girl
that-girl I've gotta admit I would of liked to see the confinement room, as creepy as that sounds, but I guess with all the recent media attention that would be a bad idea...
Jan 07 2012
avatar of don
don guess someone wasnt a fan of confinement (or their evidence) and torched the place. Same for the house tho.
Jan 06 2012
avatar of titalingus
titalingus no ones gettin in now apparently it burned to the ground recently.
Jan 06 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Dammit it's already tough enough 'sploring without this kind of media and law enforcement attention. Keep the captives in an active house willya?
Dec 21 2011
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Link added to lastest Toronto Star story.
Dec 21 2011
avatar of captamerica
captamerica I saw a new lock on the door when I returned in October. Was still not very secure but I didn't make it inside. Guess I'm glad I didn't now!
Dec 20 2011
avatar of clay70
clay70 "A lot of gruesome discoveries this week on OAP--lol"...Cannibal Girls
Dec 19 2011
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Interesting story on the news tonight. An abandoned farmhouse on the 7th Conc of Pickering, near the York/Durham Townline. Apparently the authorities have found a room in the basement of the house, that was used for human confinement. At this point they are not sure if the room was ever used or by who. Not sure if this is the house in question, but it sure fits the bill. Any ideas?
Dec 19 2011