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Latlng: (45.073918, -77.200704)

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Addington Highlands

Vennachar Memorial Church

User RogerM
Date Jun 02 2014
Recent status Historic Location
Category Ghost Town
City Addington Highlands, Ontario
Location # 10495
Vennachar Memorial Church - Vennachar18.jpg

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Love this sign at the main (only) intersection. A poke & plum town is one where 'When you poke your head out the window to take a look you are plum out of town!'

Vennachar Memorial Church - Vennachar19.jpg

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Vennachar Community Memorial Church Survivor of the 1903 fire.

Vennachar Memorial Church - Vennachar15.jpg

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Those lamps on the walls are kerosene lanterns. No evidence of electricity on the building.