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Latlng: (44.976457, -77.275772)

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Addington Highlands

Massanoga (ghost town)

Discovered by demecleos
Created Nov 06 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Addington Highlands, Ontario
Location # 2121

On a lead from clay70: Massanoga started as a mill town just off of highway 41 north of Bon Echo Provincial Park. Starting in 1938, the small mill town was built for the families of the 200 employees along the northern shore of Stoll Lake. At one point the town had a rec. hall (where they held dances and movies for everyone), bunkhouses, black smith, cottages for the workers and their families, dining hall and a few garages. In 1942 a school was added for a few years and a post office.

1945 saw the moving of the planing mill to Kaladar. The mill closed in 1962 but the milling industry rebounded for a bit until the main mill burned down in 1974. It was replaced with a portable mill until 1976 when everything shut down and was moved to Eganville. The rec. was dismantled in 1975.

The woods around Stoll lake are littered with remains of vehicles, machinery and buildings. All that is left of the town are a few foundations and the bottom portion of the blacksmith chimney.

Now the area is a popular hunting spot, so if you go in November, wear orange for safety. Just down the road from Stoll Lake is Machesney Lake which is the location of a Ministry of Natural Resources Ranger Training camp.

The map of the town was found in Ghost Towns of Ontario by Ron Brown and the picture of the mill is courtesy of the Tweed Heritage Center. The map and the mill picture were used with permission by Ron Brown and Tweed Heritage Center. If you look on Google Maps the name of the town is still there, but the location is in the wrong spot, the old town site is just a bit west of the Google location.

Latlng: (44.976457, -77.275772)


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Unknown user Dad worked for Imperial Tobacco and travelled all through Addington Highlands visiting small villages, logging camps etc. Most are all gone now.

Sep 25 2020

demecleos i was able to get back october 30, 2011 checking signs of deer for the upcoming hunting season. I was able to get right up to the remains of the blacksmith chimney and fireplace plus found a few more remains that were once covered

Oct 31 2011

rcouper Great story and pictures.

Sep 13 2011