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Cape Breton

Salmon Ladder

Discovered by mlasalle
Created Jan 01 2019
Recent status Historic Location
Category Other
City Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Location # 15766

Residents of Loch Lomond petitioned to have the falls removed in order to help salmon cross into the Atlantic ocean. Instead of destroying the falls and the natural environment, the government of Canada decided to create a fish ladder along the left side of the falls. Salmon swim up the ladder and wait and regain their strength in the small pools before climbing up again. My great-grandfather used to tell us that when he was 10 or so, he helped build the fish ladder with his uncle. He was responsible for holding and turning the drill bit while his uncle would hammer it in. Due to people fishing the salmon from the ladder, they have covered the entire ladder with a steel grate. The original ladder is still visible underneath. With the construction being done, there is now an easily accessible roadway then the rough overgrown trail that used to be there. If you're lucky and visit during the early summer, you'll be able to see young salmon swimming up the ladder.

Latlng: (45.710234, -60.625822)


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