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Latlng: (45.002960831329, -64.01865363121)

Gothic Farmhouse

Discovered by aeb00
Created Apr 27 2021
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
Location # 17468

This was an incredible random find that embodies much of what I love about exploring! RiddimRyder Photography and I were driving behind an unpredictable car that kept changing speeds and driving 20km under the speed limit. As we approached a fork in the road we decided we would go whichever direction the person in front of us was not going! That's the great thing about exploring roadtrips - no destination is set in stone - and we can take any route we choose! Usually, the more backroads the better! Well, I just want to thank that terrible driver, because if it wasn't for them we probably would have not turned down this road to stumble upon this little treasure! The property was incredibly overgrown and it was quite obviously abandoned. The tall peaks on the gables of the roof were just hint at the many vintage details decaying inside this home! Walking in the side door, The kitchen seemed kind of bland. It was quite large and rummaged through, but really didn't belong with the rest of the home. Beyond the kitchen were a few lower level living rooms and a bathroom. There seemed to be almost everything left behind here! And so many antiques! The old fireplace mantles were so rustic and victorian! One room was mangled with items thrown all about in complete disarray while another was cleared out and still perfectly set up with bookshelves and radios and furniture! In the foyer there was pretty significant decay and you could see through holes in the wall and roof right outside! Upstairs still had beds set up, dressers, desks and more belonging scattered everywhere from one peeling wall to another! That bathroom... with the sink and the tub... well, you'll see in this set of photos what I mean. I really enjoyed exploring this home!! Blog: Video:

Latlng: (45.002960831329, -64.01865363121)


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lewsie this is a really amazing find mate. mustve been a pretty nice house. glad you got to see it : D

May 01 2021

Motleykiwi Nice one!

Apr 27 2021