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Tear It Down-Article written by Nick Wolochatiuk. Retrieved from Cornwall Seaway News (March 8, 2012)

Burchell Lake Reunion
July 21, 2007

Aug. 4, 2003

Burwash Reunion
Sudbury Star

Burwash Reunion
2003 Northern Life

Sellwood, an area ghost town

Article on fire at Sellwood
July 12, 1911

Sudbury Star article from 1986 on Creighton

Happy Valley

Aug. 2, 1974

Happy Valley

January 8, 1974

CFB Falconbridge (Northern Life article)

Sudbury mining

Sellwood, a town from the past

Burwash preservation (August 1, 2003) (Northern Life)

Burwash (Sudbury Sun)

Happy Valley (Sudbury Sun)

Milnet (Sudbury Sun) Part 2

Burwash Industrial Farm
July 3, 1943

Headstones Mark Our History
Oct. 7, 2006 Sudbury Star

All articles are used with permission of the author. Sudbury Sun articles were written by Sari Huhtala.

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