Newly Created Locations

Location Created By Date
Kanichee Mine TemagamiOAP2/20/2020
Bil-Mur MotelOAP2/20/2020
Berens River Ghost TownOAP2/20/2020
Benny Ghost TownOAP2/20/2020
Mudge's Mill (Ayr)OAP2/20/2020
Argentite Ghost TownOAP2/20/2020
Adam's MineOAP2/20/2020
Little Feild CemeteryRainy_Violet2/8/2020
bus down fry trucklil_bucktee2/6/2020
Cities Heating CompanyDeadgirlx2/1/2020
In with the new.TheEasyKaybreezy1/16/2020
Iroquois Point CemeteryNavi-Gatr1/15/2020
Hume CemeteryDDR121/15/2020
House of VinylOAP1/8/2020
Abandoned Methodist CemeteryDDR1212/24/2019
Lobo Methodist/Charlton CemeteDDR1212/24/2019
The Half Way HouseDDR1212/7/2019
Mosquito drainEAST END EXPLORER12/7/2019
DecemBur House - 3700 Colonel OAP12/7/2019
Bermondsey DrainEAST END EXPLORER12/1/2019
Nothing to See HereOAP11/25/2019
Beautifully broken buildingsIloveyoumel11/14/2019
Warden aveEAST END EXPLORER11/13/2019
Meaford Farm Houseudave11/3/2019
Morningside and Malvern Storm EAST END EXPLORER11/3/2019
Smellie's Pioneer CemeteryDDR1211/2/2019
Bornish Scottish CairnDDR1211/2/2019
Taylors DrainAnonymous10/31/2019
Scottish Pioneer CemeteryDDR1210/15/2019
cab stand no moretitalingus10/6/2019