Latlng: (47.019041, -65.457862)

Old Plaza

Discovered by ScottF
Created Jul 26 2014
Recent status Active
Category Other
City Miramichi, New Brunswick
Location # 10812

  A relative that lives nearby told me details that may be true. This used to be a small shopping area that consist of 2 buildings. One used to be a Sears, and the other was a Canadian tire. Built on a swap making it hard to maintain, they both closed in late 80's or early 90's due to constant flooding. The Canadian tire was torn down and all that is left is the floor from inside. The sears is still standing, however the place is still active and is used as a storage facility. Even though there isn't much to see here, it makes for a great backdrop for photos, or even a movie scene. I have been here a few times and each time I go something different is there. So there is an odd chance you may come in contact with a worker/owner.

  When I first arrived, there was a Miramichi Police car parked on the side of the road. He didn't approach me and he eventually left when i took out my camera. I took my photos and notice there was a trailer parked behind the building. Nobody came out of it and I just continued to take pictures. I drove by the building the next day and the trailer was still parked behind.

Latlng: (47.019041, -65.457862)


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