Latlng: (45.92392, -64.630353)

Gypsum Silos

Discovered by kitschklock
Created Sep 17 2019
Recent status Abandoned
Category Mine
City Hillsborough, New Brunswick
Location # 16194

These twin concrete silos were used for storing gypsum and were part of the Albert Manufacturing Co. Gypsum is a calcium sulphate and its calcium content meant that plaster made from gypsum dried quicker than other kinds of plaster, thereby making gypsum a valuable commodity. The company not only mined and shipped gypsum, but it also produced its own plaster. As a result, the company’s leading involvement in the gypsum industry heavily boosted the Hillsborough economy. The ownership of the mill changed hands sometime during the 30s, but overall, the mill was in operation from the late 1800s to 1980. I believe the silos were built sometime during the 30s (see the link to the history of the mill).

We stumbled across the silos by pure chance as we were leaving Hopewell Rocks. We took a turn down a dirt road hoping that it would lead us to the water. Well, it definitely did, and it also led us to these silos.

Not too much to see, but you could easily climb inside through one of the many openings/slits in the bottom of the silo. You have to watch the tide though, and it’s really muddy, but there’s nothing like a quiet bando on an open embankment.

Latlng: (45.92392, -64.630353)


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