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Milnet (originally Sellwood Junction) began as a stop along the Canadian Northern Railway.

In 1917, after the railway was laid down, the Marshay Lumber Company built a mill and began a 22 year process of cutting trees from the area. Men from logging camps upstream would let the Vermillion River carry the logs to the mill in Milnet. From there the men at the mill would cut the wood on the blade and then move it along to the planar mill.

The population grew to approximately 200 residents.

On Christmas mornings, the priest (Father Kather) and altar boys would take the train to serve mass in Milnet and then Sellwood. Weekly dances were held, and became a community event. While the town didn't have a water system, they did have a pump out by the boarding house. Doctor Williams looked after the residents.

In 1916 Sellwood Junction's name was changed to Milnet. By this time coal and water facilities were built because the steam engines were able to travel further north as the CNR line no longer terminated at Sellwood.

The saw mill mysteriously burned down in 1933, forcing workers to go on relief or to find work elsewhere. In 1934, the planar mill burned. A fire at the mill in 1939 and a fire in the lumber yard in 1941 effectively ended the remaining hopes of Milnet ever resuming lumber production.

Having no other industry to keep the men employed, by 1940, most of the residents had left.

The post office closed in 1944. The vacant homes were burned or moved. A few homes remain on the site, used seasonally. When these are no longer used by the families who own, they will be destroyed.

* In the middle of the 1900's other ghost towns listed on this site also had a Department of Lands and Forests' fire tower lookout located on a nearby hill. These include: Pakesley, Key Junction, Key Harbour, Dufferin Bridge, Bummer's Roost, Pickerel Landing, Lost Channel, Byng Inlet, Moon River, Cheddar, Germania, Ormsby, Uphill, Biscostasing, Renabie Mine, Milnet, Armstrong, Metagama, Cheminis, Wavell and Pineal Lake . For more info. on Ontario's Fire Tower Lookouts go to this link: Ontario's Fire Tower Lookouts.

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Historical Photos

A hunting party in Milnet (1920)

Ron Kunto Collection

Town of Milnet (1920)

Ron Kunto Collection

This water tank at the mill (1940) was used for steam trains.

Ron Kunto Collection

This donkey engine is hauling lumber from the Marshay Lumber Mill (1920)

Ron Kunto Collection

The Marshay Lumber Company lumber yard (1920)

The Marshay Lumber Company lumber yard (1920)

Ron Kunto Collection

Marshay Lumber Co. mill (1920)

Ron Kunto Collection

the foreman's house (1920)

Ron Kunto Collection

Shipping workers from the Marshay Lumber Mill (1920)

Ron Kunto Collection
The Ron Kunto collection is courtesy of the Sudbury Public Library

October 2008 Photos

Early 21st Century Photos

Milnet- old foundation

The old saw mill still standing

A ruin beside the mill

The rusted frame of an old truck sits in the forest

Rear view of the saw mill

Closer view of the saw mill

Round cement base of what appears to have been a silo

Undated outhouse by the mill and cabins

Remainders of original homes

One can imagine how many meals were cooked in this fireplace