Latlng: (49.0943, -97.99577)

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Old Osterwick Cemetery

Discovered by mobileworks
Created Nov 26 2016
Recent status Closed
Category Cemetery
City Morden, Manitoba
Location # 14221

A closed cemetery with no sign and a sliver of grass to it. Just the way I like to find them. This place could have easily been called weird bendy tree cemetery. Osterwick is a small town of around 40 homes and 100 people. In 1875 it was one of the first Mennonite communities on the West Reserve. Osterwick is German for Easter vetch. The church was decorated in this purple flower at Easter. ...........................................The Isaac Fehrs of Osterwick along with many of their friends and neighbours made their way to the Swift Current area of Saskatchewan when large territories for homesteading opened up. Back in Manitoba, their relatives and friends faced a new problem. The Manitoba Government introduced compulsory school attendance near the end of World War One. The orthodox village farmers were fined and incarcerated for not complying . Soon they migrated to Mexico and the Isaac Fehrs of Saskatchewan soon followed.

Latlng: (49.0943, -97.99577)


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