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Frood Mine circa 1928
Source: CN004698

Frood mine circa 1930

Original mine building
Nov. 2005

Above vintage photos courtesy of INCO Limited

Postcard of open pit mine

Frood Mine


The Frood mine is named after prospector Thoms Frood. In 1885 he located a property that was to become the Copper Cliff mine.

The site known as the Frood-Stobie mine originally consisted of two mines: INCO's Frood Mine and the Mond Nickel Company's Stobie mine. Mond discovered their ore body in 1884 while INCO would discover their ore body in 1899. In 1913 a post office opened on site but would close within three years.

It was later discovered that the two ore bodies were shared. In order that both companies could continue to mine the mutually shared ore, the companies amalgamated on January 1, 1929.

A hockey team was formed, named the Frood Mine Tigers. In 1936-1937 they won every championship and went on to play for the Allen Cup.

The town site population stood at around 120 residents.

The original Frood mine became an open pit in the 1950's and the buildings town down in the 1970's.

By the year 2000 the mine had produced over 5,000,000 tonnes of nickel and copper and 55 tonnes of gold.

Directions: Take Lasalle in Sudbury up to Frood Road and turn right at the lights. Alternatively you may take Frood Road which crosses Lasalle. The mine is located on private property.

The stairs to one of the original homes can be found as can some original buildings.

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anonymous says:
12/23/2008 6:48:57 AM

My grate-grandfather Hugh murdoch frood was a founder of the Frood mine my father is also names Hugh and to this day is still looking for info on all of the mine info anyone can help please send to singleangel2222@hotmail.com

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Frood mine circa 1930

The Frood Mine work yard as it appeared in 1944

Frood Mine
Nov. 2005

B/W photos courtesy of INCO

Valentine-Black postcard (1950)

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Photo (link)