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Located in: Algoma District
Location #171

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Location Owner: OAP
Creation Date: 1/1/2006
Last Updated: 1/1/2006

Built in 1912 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the station at Franz served for decades as an interchange yard and passenger connection. In better days, Franz boasted a booming economy in forestry, transportation and mining. The original name for this rural community was Hobon. In 1914, the post office name was changed to Franz, and the CPR station name was altered from the Hobon to Franz Station. Franz is located 65 km from Chapleau. For an excellent web page on Franz, click here.

The railway at Franz is where the CPR and the Algoma Central Railways cross, literally. Here the two railways intersect at 90 degree angle. A switchbox nearby shows the status of the four rail lines

The old station was moved to Dubreuilville, the water tower foundation remains as to some of the older homes as well as a newer home which seems to be occupied. Lots of railway junk litters the area. The church used to be behind the water tower.

DIRECTIONS: From Hwy 17 West, turn right on Hwy 519, drive 35 km to Magpie Industrial Rd (3km before Dubreuilville). Drive to crossing turn left and follow signs to Franz. The road is driveable in a car (year round), but may be rough at times.

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Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town

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A home by the river

An old home by the river

An old home by the river

An old home by the river

An old shack (boat house?) by the river

The tracks intersect here

The water tower foundation (it reads INVERNO)

A cute little building by the rails

A cute little building by the rails

Boarding house?

The original train station

The original water tower (no longer there)

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Mike Curtin sent in the last three photos along with this description:

In 1961 I had a summer job as a "Junior Forest Ranger" with the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests. This program was operated by the government across Ontario during the summer to provide work experience for 16 year old high school students. In my case I joined 30 others at a camp near Dubriellville, halfway between Wawa and White River, where the primary work was to build a bush road to Franz.