Frequently Asked Questions


Membership is 100% free. We do not charge for this site nor will we ever.

There is a link on the login page for this.

Basic Members

are people who have not yet met the criteria for viewing trusted locations. Basic members are restricted to viewing Public locations only. Public locations are visible to search engines. There's no difference between visiting the website without an account and being logged in as a Basic Member. The benefit of creating a user account would be if you intended to contribute to the website by adding photos, posting comments or creating locations. This allows you to work your way up to Full Membership.

Full Member

is for members who have contributed content to the website. Full membership is not available for purchase nor is it given by donating money. We look at a variety of criteria before making the determination of whether or not to grant you Full Membership. That criteria includes: the quality of your locations, do you explore buildings or do you take photos from inside your car, is there decent information accompanying your location? The purpose of this user level is to seperate the general public from people who have demonstrated a commitment to this hobby and by doing so, seperate people who might cause harm to these locations.

For people that do upload quality photographs, sometimes your contributions might go unnoticed. By all means if you feel that your contributions deserve you receiving full access then let one of the administrators know. Sometimes a member deletes their account because they contributed content, didn't receive the access and felt their effort was for nothing. The adminstrators are quite busy with other tasks and it's most likely that your hard work has gone unnoticed, not ignored. Before deciding to close your account because you've not received Full Membership, contact us to see if we can make things right.

There are different levels of Full Member. The number of locations that one person is able to access may differ from what another Full Member can access. This determination is made by how much we feel you can be trusted.

Friends Only

is an access system that allows members to share content ONLY with members on their Friends list. Locations created as Friends Only (FR) do not appear in any searches and the administrators do not generally access them (but assume that from time to time we might). This is the highest level of security possible.

Hidden GPS

is available for all user levels and hides the address and GPS information from others. The members will have to contact you to receive this information. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE for another member who has received this information from you, to share it with others without your express permission. This is considered a breach of trust.

Pending Account

refers to an account that's new but not yet approved for access. Pending accounts are identical to Basic Member accounts. We like to screen new members before enabling them as Basic Members. Please send a PM message to an administrator with a reason why you'd like access, and if possible, links to your photography. Once approved, you'll be able to view Basic locations.


All we're asking is that you use common sense when creating content. If it's old, has a story to tell and presents some delicious decay, share it and it will likely be welcomed!

Locations are expected to have at minimum: a description, photos and an address or GPS coordinates. If your location contains no address and no GPS coordinates, or if the photos are of poor quality (blurry, taken from inside a vehicle, etc.) there is a good possibility your location will be removed. If you don't know the exact address but know the road, this will also suffice.

Often a Basic Member will create an entry that already exists in the Full Members listing. If this occurs we will merge your photos into the Full Member entry and remove your location. You will then gain access to that Full Member location because you've obviously visited the location and know where it is.

It might be frustrating to have your locations constantly being merged into existing locations but this also goes toward your earning Full Membership. We don't expect you to be able to find all never-before-seen locations.

See above - your location may have been merged into an existing location. We also may have removed some or all of your images depending on whether they met the quality guidelines.

When members are deleted, their photos are normally deleted as well. If a deleted member is the only person to have submitted photos for a given location, we'll remove the location as well because there's no purpose to having a location without images.

No. It is done manually. It may be initiated by administrator or you may make a request. Often times we don't even notice that you've reached the threshold for Full Membership and your work goes unnoticed. If you feel that you've earned your access, let us know.

Please don't take it personally, become offended and leave never to return. We have certain expectations for photos. If they are blurry, generally low quality (a photo of a blank wall, multiple images of the same image taken at different angles, etc.) we may remove some of them.

Read the disclaimer found on this website.

This is understandable. Please send a request to the person who created the location or to an administrator. Note that we are merely a publisher of user-created content and cannot be held liable.


You retain the copyright and are able to delete them at any time. You may also add a watermark to the photos containing your name, email address, website, etc. You are the only person able to edit the information on the location so try to be as accurate as possible.

You can delete your photos at any time but the location can only be removed by the administrator.

Photos should involve some degree of attention to detail. If you've submitted photos that are blurry or obviously taken from inside your car with the window rolled down, they will be removed. This website isn't for the armchair photographer, it's for people who want to get down and dirty and venture into places.

This has been attempted by a few. With thousands of people involved in this hobby who are quick to recognize bogus locations or other people's photographs, it will result in your being banned. If you can't be bothered to explore properly, why bother trying at all?

Not without asking the permission of the person who generated that location. There is an option to contact the creator of a location at the top of the page.