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Little Vermillion Mine

Chelmsford Little Vermillion

The Errington mine was just one of two major mines that once operated in Chelmsford, Ontario. The other mine was the Nickel Offset.

Both mines closed in the 1930's.

Our first and only visit to the Errington Mine took place in approximately 2001. Not being the ones doing the driving we weren't ever able to find our way back to the mine again. It was frustrating to tell people about the massive ruins at this mine because we only had the photos to show for it.

Some of the ruins consisted of parallel cement slabs, stairways and foundations. The most impressive ruin was a large building (photo 4) with a window cut into it. Someone had spray-painted an impressive looking demon on the wall with the window being the area where his mouth was. Unfortunately the photos were taken back in the days of 35mm film and we ran out of film before finishing the tour of the area.

The memories of this mine never fully faded and over the years we would try to find it again. Our most serious attempt came during the summer of 2008 in which we succeeded in finding the location. By this time however, the mine had been rehabilitated. Today all you will discover is the fenced in area of the rehabilitated mine with it's capped mine shaft.

To reach the former Errington Mine, take Highway 144 to Chelmsford. Turn onto Vermillion Lake Road (Municipal Road 13) and drive the paved road until it comes to a point where you have to turn right (also Vermillion Lake Road). If you passed a hydro grid before coming to the intersection, you're on the right path.

Rather than turning at the intersection, continue approximately 20 feet into the bush rather than turning. You should be able to make out the mine gate from the intersection. Keep in mind this is private property.

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raodhog says:
1/9/2009 10:13:48 PM

These are the ruins of the Little Vermillion Mine, built as an offshoot of the larger Errinton mine. In 1931 a junior mining company decided to capitalize on the nearby mine and devoloped the place. It was operational by late 1933. However because of the depressed markets for zinc the mine closed in March 1934 and never reopened. The ruins shown here are of the small mill which was errected 25

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1930 photo of Errington Mine
Donated by Marie-Jeanne Vaillancourt
Courtesy Sudbury Public Library Heritage Museums Collection (RL0464EN)

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