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2018 Donation Drive

This website has always operated free of charge and I will never require that people pay to be able to use the site. Those who explore regularly already know that there are costs for gas and vehicle maintenance, this is not exclusive to website operators. Operating a website incurs fees for the domain name (renewable annually), website hosting, privacy guard fee (annually) and DDOS protection. These fees are paid out of my own pocket unless there are funds in our donation account.

Consider the following:

- We receive over 30,000 visitors per month (1000+ per day)
- We have over 4,000 website members and another 40,000 followers on Facebook.
- There are new locations created almost 365 days a year.
- Response time for questions or problems is normally under 4 hours
- All of the staff are volunteers

I am asking that if you are able and willing, to please support the website by making a donation during the month of June - our annual donation drive. Funds do not go for personal use, only hosting. If that were the case, I'd not still be using a stock 18-55 lens :)

Thank you for your support.