Code of Conduct

In order for you to use this website, it is important that you understand the rules and policies that you are expected to follow. Violation of these terms may result in a warning or suspension of your account.

General Conduct

  1. Members are to treat one another with respect when communicating through comments or private messaging. Abusive or racial comments will not be tolerated. While we try not to censor comments if it is clear that a (new member/senior citizen/person with a disability) is being unfairly targetted, your comment may be removed. If you demonstrate a pattern of leaving rude or annoying comments, your comments may be removed. Are we being unreasonable by not wanting negative people who complain a lot?
  2. The content of private messages is just that - private. You are not to repost these messages outside of the private messaging system without the consent of the other party. Only the administrator has access to your messages and will only open them under one of two situations: a) A complaint is made about your conduct or b) Due to issues with your email that prevent you from using it, we may open the database to correct the problem. In both cases you will be made aware that this has occurred. If you are not comfortable with this policy, you should use external mail to communicate with another member.
  3. You will not post photos that belong to someone else unless you have their permission.
  4. Your account belongs to you and only you. Anyone caught sharing their account will have their access revoked.
  5. Multiple accounts are not permitted. If you need to have your account combined with another one, let us know.
  6. IMPORTANT: If you have been found to have stolen (taking items from a location that don't belong to you), your account will be terminated. You are no longer in elementary school and should know better.
  7. We rarely need to delete/ban a member. In the rare case where this occurs we'll keep the reasons confidential. If you choose to bring negative attention to the site we may post the details as to why you were banned.