Latlng: (48.947268, -125.56005)

WWII - Air Raid Shelter

Discovered by Greg
Created Sep 09 2015
Recent status Abandoned
Category Military
City Ucluelet, British Columbia
Location # 12653

Near a campground in Ucluelet, British Columbia. Just inside the woods, very easy to access. Old shelters in the area to protect locals against possible air raids during World War II

When I was at the site, I only actually found one shelter, however a post from a BC Facebook page has nicer photos and shows that there may be more in the area. Link to said article will be in the external links section.

I came across the entry point first, and followed it inside. It wasn't particularly high, and I had to crouch. The cement entry went a few feet back into the hill,, then turned into a long cylindrical tunnel. I followed the tunnel and it comes out at an almost identical exit/entry point a bit away down from it, not very far (I guess the shelter doesn't need to be big for such a small town!)

Edit: Also linking an article on Coast defense in BC as it is relevant. While it doesn't talk about this shelter in particular it gives mention to Ucluelet a few times.

Latlng: (48.947268, -125.56005)


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Greg All done, listed under it's respective city in BC. Thanks.
Sep 12 2015
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clay70 place under BC
Sep 11 2015