Untouched Funeral Home

Untouched Funeral Home in Ontario

If you recognize this location, please respect that it's in immaculate condition with no vandalism or graffiti.

This funeral home, for all intents and purposes, looks like any other funeral home that you'd expect to find in a Canadian city. It's situated in an urban area and from outward appearances the exterior of the building is clean and the grounds are maintained. Upon closer scrutiny however you'll discover that the business is no longer in use. One rumour is that the owner retired, another is that the owners are transitioning locations.

Entry to the building took some figuring out but once inside we were greeted with an immaculate funeral home. The electricity was still operational and we were quick to notice that an alarm system was installed.

We made our way to the chapel where funeral services would have been held before the deceased was driven by hearse to the cemetery. Several light switches adjusted the ceiling and spot lights, setting the appropriate mood for services.
funeral home
viewing room

What made this location different from other similar explorations was the inventory left behind. We observed thousands of dollars in coffins and urns, some of them not even opened.

abandoned funeral home coffiin

The showroom was located in the upstairs of the business where various coffins were on display. 

child's coffin
child's coffin

body bag
body bag

embalming equipment
embalming equipment

corpse makup
corpse makeup

Since my initial visit, some items have disappeared from the embalming room such as the makeup. There is water damage occurring on the upper floor and the wooden flooring is now buckling.

Someone is maintaining the property as some photographers have been contacted about removing their photographs of this location.

It remains closed to this day.
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