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Splatalot - The Television Show Abandoned Castle
Splatalot game show set
Splatalot - Abandoned TV Game Show Castle

Splatalot was a Medieval style obstacle course game show broadcast on the YTV Television Network. It also aired on ABC Australia, the BBC in England, and Disney TV and Nickelodian in the USA.

Each show featured twelve Canadian contestants aged 13 to 15 known as Attackers who attempted to storm a medieval style castle. Defending the castle from contestants were up to six ‘Defenders of Splatalot’ who were dressed as medieval-themed gladiators.

There were three rounds to the show: Cross the Moat, Escape the Stockade and Capture the Crown. In “Cross the Moat”, Attackers had to avoid large obstacles such as barrels, battle axes and the Defenders. The fastest six Attackers moved onto round 2.

In “Escape the Stockade” the Attackers attempted to make their way up a long staircase which was made slippery with slime balls and a foam gun. A Defender at the top of the stairs would release ‘Purple Plague’, a cart full of purple balls. The four Attackers who had the fastest completion times went onto round 3.

In the final round, “Capture the Crown”, the final four Attackers made their way across an obstacle-ridden courtyard and up to the tower where the Crown waited. All six Defenders faced off with the Attackers and tried to impede their progress.

Splatalot castle drawbridge


30,000 square feet of foam was used for the castle which was built on 50 acres of land. Over 150 people were involved with the construction of the set.
Filming for the first season began in September of 2010 in Amaranth Township. Season one consisted of 26 episodes. The show was renewed on February 3rd, 2012 for another 26 episodes which began filming in 2013.
After the second season the game show set fell silent.

YTV Splatalot


When the second season finished, the property sat unattended for a few years. It was eventually posted to the Ontario Abandoned Places website in July of 2016. We in turn posted it to Facebook.

It didn’t take long for people to sleuth out the location of the castle. Within a week other urban explorers were posting their photos of this location on social media. Marblemedia did not take kindly to the attention the property was receiving.

Spokesperson Donna McNeil, vice-president of Marblemedia was quoted as saying, “We ask people to adhere to the no trespassing signs and refrain from encouraging others to break in. It’s not open to the public and we want everyone to stay safe and out of trouble.”

Marblemedia went so far as to contact people who posted video of the location and ask that they remove the content, including threats of legal action. OAP also received a request and removed the Facebook post as is customary when such requests are made to us.

Local residents complained that the property was gaining a reputation as a place to go and party. The municipality wanted around the clock security. A female security guard would sit in her SUV behind the locked gate, with a ‘Security’ patch on her passenger seat. Video surveillance was installed and led to several trespassers being caught.

Dufferin OPP also kept a watch for vehicles parked on the side of the road near the game show site.

Fun fact: OAP flew a drone into the area and published video of the security guard smiling as she gave the drone the finger.

Not so fun fact: I explored this property with a fellow explorer. After crawling under the fence I lost my footing on the moist ground next to the moat and fell into the water. I quickly began losing traction on the muddy bottom and began to drift into the deeper end of the water. Not knowing how to swim, I panicked and hung onto a Styrofoam prop cube. My camera and tripod sunk to the bottom. The camera was a write off.

Splatalot Castle

New Show

Marblemedia had planned to restart the series in the summer of 2018 as “Splatalot: Family Edition”. In early 2018 Amaranth Township granted permission for Marblemedia to add an addition onto the castle with construction expected to begin in March. The castle would be removed by the end of the year, as this was to be the final season.

Unfortunately the contract for the next installment failed to finalize. The property is now set to be demolished.

There's a good chance you will be caught if you visit here. Always ask permission!