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The Abandoned Million Dollar Mansion

As arson and vandalism continue to be an ongoing concern for owners of vacant properties, many in the exploration hobby have become more cautious of the information that they put out there on social media.It often takes only a couple of written words, a sign on the wall, or a background shot for others to find these places. If explorers can find them, so too can those who wish to vandalize them.

Once vandalism begins, the owners of these buildings are alerted to the ability of people being able to enter their building however that may be. Plywood goes up and the window of opportunity for exploration closes albeit often temporarily.

When we learned of this amazing mansion, we knew that we'd have to get on the ball and head out before it become a hot spot for activity. We hit the road by 8 AM and were there before noon. Unfortunately the first visit proved unsuccessful and a return visit was required.

Little is known about this property except that the home has failed to sell in recent years. Most of the furniture remains left behind as do children's toys in a bedroom closet and electrical items throughout. In the dining room is a kitchen table and buffet with several ceramic cannisters inside.

We tried to find some of the background of this house and what, if anything, led to the family's departure and possible reason for the house not to be resold. Unfortunately we could only find a single reference to the former family - a phone number that allowed no incoming calls.

Outside the home is an old Jaguar with front-end driver's side damage and flattened tires.

Inside you'll be amazed at this home. Several of the bedrooms have murals painted on the ceiling while the entertainment room is a marvel of several murals, medallions and carved angels. One might go so far as to suggest this place is 'tacky' or over decorated. We found it one of the most memorable explorations of 2017 any way you look at it.

There's a sun room, multiple car garages, basement rec room, home theatre room, hot tub and a large master bedroom with a deck. The back yard is very spacious and offering an impressive view.

Shortly after our visit the home was removed from the resl estate market. It's unknown whether the home was purchased or not. The proper classification of this house would be 'inactive' and 'for sale', not 'abandoned'. At the same time we do use the word 'abandoned' as a classification that would cover this property.

Nobody has returned to determine if the house was purchased or just secured, and the mystery of who lived here and why they left will for now continue to be elusive.

Main floor bedroom

Bedroom grand lighting

Dining room and buffet

Mansion living room with plenty of natural lighting

The entertainment room. Note the marble floor and elegant chandelier.

Upstairs master bedroom bathroom

Bathroom sink

Look at that ceiling. It certainly is busy.

Entertainment room bar area

Fireplace mantle clock

Elegant fireplace - look at the attention to detail on the ceramic