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The Abandoned Funeral Home

It's not very often that an explorer encounters an untouched location such as this one. Society has demonstrated that once a building becomes vacant, it's fit to be vandalized, spray painted, stolen from and even burned to the ground.

This property was built in the late 1800's as a private home. The cost was $13,000 which might seem ridiculously low but at the time it was approximately six times the cost of other homes. The owner of the home was a successful businessman who earned his wealth in the lumber and rubber trades.

The second floor was constructed with a desk where the businessman could keep watch out the windor over the operations at his rubber factory. The billiards room on the main floor had a service bell where the master could fetch a butller to bring him and his guests drinks. There is great attention to detail in the woodwork throughout the home.

In the mid 1940's the home was repurposed into a funeral home which served that function until 2015 when the business amalgamated operations and closed this location.

The attic is now cleaned out but it used to contain records on funerals that dated back to the 1940's.
The property still has active electricity and all doors are locked up.

The chapel


A vew from the attic. It was very hot up here.


Elegant woodwork is found throughout the house

Nevel post

stained glass window
Stained glass window

The embalming room. This is what goes on behind the scenes and may be disturbing to some viewers.

The RGB lighting allowed make up to be applied to the person.

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