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Farm House Abandoned Since 1986

antique television sets

Abandoned Since 1986 Farm House

People pass by this abandoned farm house without slowing down, there's nothing of interest to see... until you step inside.

This house may not technically be abandoned because I've noticed someone storing a boat on the property. The house however is no longer in use. There are some outbuildings to explore also.

Insulation pads the floor, raccoons have been at work here.

very old bath room
The tiled wall shows the age of this bathroom

The rooms have curtains hanging and retro wallpaper glued to the walls. Look at the height of the baseboard below and the door trim. This is craftsmanship!

clothes still hanging in the closet
Clothes still hang in the closet, just as they were left.

very old door knob skeleton key
Antique door knob which used a skeleton key

There are old receipts and newspapers scattered on the floor. Take a moment to examine the dates on some of them.

old bottles
Old jars on a flowered chair in front of a flowered wall

Everything about this house screams "1960's". The wallpaper, old lamps and chairs represent what houses looked like back then. Who knows, maybe in the year 2070 people will look at photos of your modern house and wonder, "How did people live in such a tacky place?"

Yes it's hot upstairs, you'll be sweating as you take photographs.

Ceiling paint is peeling off and plaster has fallen to the floor. Don't be surprised if you hear the sound of critters scurrying in the walls. The smell of animal feces is common in these places.

Quaker oil furnace

Jackets hang on the wall
As you enter this upstairs room, you'll notice jackets still hanging on the wall.

Although a calendar reads 1986, the interior of this house dates back to many years prior.

abandoned farm house

The televisions seem to get rearranged often. Photographers like to 'stage' their photos.


living room
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