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Abandoned Youth Correctional Centre

Abandoned Youth Detention Centre

From the appearance of this facility, it could easily be mistaken for an adult prison. It was actually a youth detention centre. At the time of my first visit in 2016 the power was working and it was intact. There was no vandalism.

master control room
master control room

the gym


The military used the property for explosives training since my first visit. Many cell doors have been blown apart and walls have been breached with explosive charges.

Georgian House

television room
television room

a row of cells

inside a cell

dining hall

On our first visit here we were able to enter the guard's shack. There we found a circuit breaker which when turned on, allowed us to open the main gate. With the turn of a key, it was like a scene out of a movie... the loud "Brrrr" tone and the gate slowly opening.

We parked outside the gate which made it a somewhat nervous explore, particularly with an OPP station not far away.

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