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Abandoned Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Hospital


Abandoned Rehabilitation Hospital

This hospital started as a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients in 1906. It began as a two tent operation located on a farm. Eight patients were able to be treated.

When antibiotics were discovered by Albert Schatz in 1943, the need for long stays in sanitariums was no longer required. To remain open, the sanitarium began accepting Inuit patients from Northern Canada. From 1958 until 1962, approximately 1,300 patients received treatment here.

Life for Inuit patients could often involve feelings of isolation, being confined to a bed, language barriers and some suffered abuse at the hands of staff.

hall photo
Hallway photo

In time the tents were replaced by cottages which were not well insulated against the winter. The cottages were eventually replaced by brick buildings.

Children's care building

The treatment for TB at the time was rest, fresh air and a good diet. When antibiotics were introduced for treatment the hospital became a general hospital (1960's).

reception desk

The emergency department closed in 1992. The rehabilitation and brain injury services moved out in 2009, followed by the regional joint assessment program which left in 2011.

Rehabilitation pool

Today there are still several buildings left on the grounds, some of which are partially still in use. There is enough to spend an entire day exploring - if you can get inside.

There are security cameras on site, and I can vouch for their effectiveness. We were caught within five minutes of being on the property.

children's care building
Developers have purchased much of the land and new housing is being constructed.

Historical Photographs

historic photo
Open air women's ward

Inuit patients
Inuit patients. The reel to reel tape recorder was used to send messages back home.

Nurse Rita McGee with patient
Nurse Rita McGee with a patient

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