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Abandoned Star Wars House with Thousands of Dollars Inside

Star Wars House - Thousand of Dollars Inside


This home was built in 2000 for a Chinese man. He was married with a wife and three children. The man worked as an architect for the City of Toronto. Above you can see many magazines, stereo equipment, large television and an X-Box console.

Mail has piled up several feet from the inside of the mail slot in the front door. Mold and decay have begun to destroy the area above and to the left of the doors.

In another front room several more books and magazines have accumulated here. The electricity is still functional. I was able to turn on a ceiling fan and lights in several of the rooms.

While this may look like a master bedroom given it's size, it's actually one of the children's bedrooms.

Photographs of the man and his family on the living room fireplace.

There are clothes scattered throughout the house.

Upstairs are several boxes of shoes new in the box and clothes on racks. The house appears to have been the base of an online business.

In total there are six bathrooms and five bedrooms. There's even an elevator for the three floors of the home.

(Photo by Canucks747)

In the dining room are boxes and boxes of new-in-the-box Star Wars merchandise. There are Millennium Falcons, C-3POs, R2D2's, Boba Fette's and so much more. It's difficult to take a step without stepping on unopened merchandise.

Photo: Canucks747

In the basement there's an entire room the size of a garage filled with even more unopened merchandise that includes Stormtrooper ray guns. If I had to give an estimate on the total value of the memorabilia I'd say there's at least $10,000 to $50,000.

In the office den are dozens of books, Star Trek and Star Wars boxed items and assorted movie DVD's. There's a professional television camera, a camcorder and film cameras.
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