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Abandoned Ontario $7 Million Halloween Mansion in Toronto

The $7 Million Abandoned Ontario Halloween Mansion


This property was one of the highlights of my 2019 exploring year. This mansion is located in Southern Ontario and valued at just over $7 million dollars. There isn't much of a back yard, in fact there's about 10 feet of grass and then a dangerously steep ravine; not safe for children or pets by any means.

As I entered the property from the eastern doors, the sun room was the first area I observed.

Sun room

This sun room wasn't added onto to the house until the 1960's.

Living room in mansion

As I proceeded west I entered the living room (above). Next to the living room is the family room. What's the difference? The three rooms are essentially combined space.

abandoned mansion family room

design above fireplace

Take notice of the design above the fireplace, the book shelves, the double doors and the recessed window area where one could sit to read a book. The panel you see just to the right of the window is a multi-function switch that controls numerous lights in the house. Yes I tried it, no it didn't work.

cute little reading area in mansion

Proceeding through the double doors took me to the foyer. There was a spiral staircase going upstairs and in the excitement, I forgot to see where it lead to. A floor map that I found later showed that it would have led to the upper bedrooms.

Curved Double Doors

This is the foyer of the house, where the main entrance is located. There's a walk-in closet to the right of the entrance as you walk in and a bathroom on the left side. The floors are made of marble.

main foyer and beautiful stairway

If you were to turn around, you'd walk into the dining room where the "Happy Birthday" sign is hanging.

Let's walk west into the eat-in kitchen area. You can see the two sets of oval entrances that you'd walk through to reach here. The counter top had some tools, Tupperware and duct tape. I was a little nervous at this point expecting someone could show up at any time to work on the house.

The house is being recommended for Heritage designation under the Ontario Heritage Act. The application for designating the property as a Heritage structure took place shortly before the house was sold. The new owners wanted to initially demolish the house. They then applied to make changes to the property that would change it's appearance. 

When the last occupants moved out, they held a birthday & Halloween party for a Marian. Some walls are covered with a Halloween motif.

dining room spray paint

Exiting the kitchen will take you into the office at the far west of the house.

Notice that one of the wall panels appears to open downward to expose what's behind it. The house plan shows the area in the far corner to be a wet bar (a bar with a sink in it). Looking at photos of this room when it was still in use, you can't tell there's a door there. It's also a remarkable room!

It was particularly dark in the office so I opened the curtains to allow some light in. Are you imagining hidden compartments in the walls?

Having explored the main floor, it was time to head upstairs.

beautiful mansion staircase

beautiful staircase

To the east are two small bedrooms, yellow and green in colour. The yellow bedroom had red paint splattered on the walls apparently as makeshift blood.

yellow bedroom

Across from the stairs is a larger bedroom with red walls. It has a large window, corner cabinet and a non-functional fireplace.

red bedroom with corner unit

I realize now why I missed the spiral staircase leading upstairs. It was behind a closed door between the red bedroom and the yellow bedroom. There's a bathroom at this end of the hallway with the floor tiles removed and the wall torn out where the shower spout would have been.

Midway down the hallway, almost in the middle of the house, is a dressing room. This basically resembles a walk-in closet.

The pieces of wood you see on the floor and wall are crosses used for the Halloween party. Was the spray paint and fake blood splattered after the house was sold?

At the west end of the upstairs hallway is the master bedroom, looking more like a temporary office than a bedroom.

Unfortunately I had a somewhat reluctant companion with me who was waiting in the car. For that reason I felt hurried and totally forgot that there was a basement area to explore. In the basement there was a tub filled with fake blood and eyeballs.

upstairs hallway

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Happy Trails...

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