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Latlng: (52.96752, -113.40162)

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Sacred Heart Church

Discovered by TheSaugaExplorer
Created Aug 04 2014
Recent status Abandoned
Category Church
City Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Location # 10866

The church and cemetery is located at 60th street and 47th Avenue in Wetaskiwin, a city of 13,000 people, in Division 11 (1,300,000 people) of Central Alberta's Regional Area (125,000 people), Alberta.

After hearing many rumors abut this place, I had to go check it out myself, and I have to say, I was not disappointed!

The townsfolk around here state that "There is a reason it is fenced off", and "don't go near there at night". While taking pictures, I was even called over by an RCMP officer that told me it is okay to take pictures during the day, but not to come near here at night. I asked why, to which he replied to me stating "You won't be alone"... Very eerie, I must say.

The history behind the place:

"This 30 by 30 church was built with donated labour in 1894 under F.R Poitras' direction. Presently, it is the oldest standing church in Wetaskiwin. It first stood on the property south of 49th avenue between 51st and 52nd street. The church served as a school from 1901 to 1903. In 1913, the church was moved to 47th avenue and 47th street by Bethel Lutheran and was used until 1963. Ten years later, Henry Drinnan, who had bought it for duplex purposes, returned it to the Catholic Church as a gift. It was moved the following summer on July 23rd, 1974, to this location where many former Catholic parishioners have been buried. The Alberta government officially designated it a heritage site on October 30th, 1975, thus ensuring its preservation for the benefit of future Albertans. Holy service are celebrated from time to time throughout the years. Signed: May 14th, 1974 "

Holy services have not been celebrated here since 1976.

The oldest gravestone dated back to 1839.

Anyways, overall, great location, I was not disappointed. If your ever near Edmonton, go check it out for sure!

Latlng: (52.96752, -113.40162)


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unknown user avatar

Unknown user We were married in this church in 1961.

Mar 31 2020

TheSaugaExplorer Yeah, no, I think I'll pass on this one :')

Aug 04 2014

timo explorer So...are you going back at night?

Aug 04 2014