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Latlng: (53.56465, -113.54359)

Charles Camsell Hospital


Discovered by Kimmy6932
Created May 27 2021
Recent status Repurposed
Category Hospital
City Edmonton, Alberta
Location # 17601
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The Charles Camsell Hospital is very famous Hospital in the city of Edmonton. It was built from 1942-1945 to help for the treatment of tuberculosis. It is named after Charles Camsell who was a geologist and map-maker. He loved exploring the Canadian North.

This hospital between 1945 -1967 was being ran as an occupational therapy program for indigenous people. However the medical practices that were performed caused multiple lawsuits further down the road.

However a new 385 bed hospital was built from 1966-67 and operated until 1996. It was closed due to health care cuts. It was pretty much left abandoned/condemned because the amount of asbestos the building had. Over the years to come many developers would purchase/or put bids on the building or land. However with the cost of asbestos remediation the developers would bow out. Finally in 2018 a developer had came and bought the building/land. To this day is it being repurposed to be used for seniors condos. Which is awesome to see.

I was a patient of his hospital when I was younger. I still have one patient bracelet left. I used to live across the street from it as well. My dad carried me on his back when I broke a toe to the emergency room once. 

This place when it was abandoned was extremely hard to get into. I was never able to get inside. It has a barbed wire 8ft fence surrounding it. Also security is always present. There were only a few who managed to get in. Check this video for an inside glimpse (this is not my video) A lot of people have done paranormal investigations in this hospital as it is haunted. Many strange activities have occurred here.

I will post a few stock photos for now. I will get out there to take a few pictures of what it is looking now.

Latlng: (53.56465, -113.54359)


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forgetmenot Just based on the information made available online, and from stories that were made available to the public in the past, I'd say this is a pretty bad choice for condos. Demolition would have been the better choice here, IMO...

May 27 2021  • 0 like(s)