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City: The Hammer
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I like to climb stuff and stay up really late at night. I enjoy long romantic walks to the beer store and playing Slayer "South of Heaven" full blast whenever Jehovahs Witnesses come to the door. I also like riding anything that ends with the word "board". Black Rock City is my favorite place ever.

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9/28/2014 for photo # 234969 : Cool shot. Interesting ceiling damage. Scrappers or racoons falling th
9/28/2014 for photo # 224710 : woah
9/28/2014 for photo # 227865 : wow!
9/28/2014 for photo # 193433 : Love the indoor/outdoor curtain. Very functional.
9/28/2014 for photo # 233089 : Few things say squatter like a fresh pack of toilet paper and a pair o
9/28/2014 for photo # 229733 : Not an outhouse. Paddles, shovels, rakes etc.
9/28/2014 for photo # 131107 : Talk about a late water tank delivery
9/28/2014 for photo # 150373 : nice. this could pass as an oil painting
9/28/2014 for photo # 141585 : great stuff
9/28/2014 for photo # 141573 : beautiful
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