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Yarker Storage Warehouse

Ontario : Stone Mills
Location #9370

Location Owner:ora
Creation Date: 8/15/2013
Last Updated: 5/14/2014

This little warehouse, located just outside of Yarker has fallen to nature. With all the power lines cut and the doors half-heartedly locked, it appears this was once a place for the storage of delivered goods. When it was abandoned, it was likely because of low business. It is very empty, save for one last delivery of KayCan siding and piping that is still there. Remnants of the employees past indicate it has been abandoned since at least 1996.

The insulation from the roof has fallen down, but other than that it is in good repair, as far as buildings go. There are still little jokes and doodles on the area that appears to have once been an office. Some shipping manifests indicate that the siding and piping in the floor was ordered for several farms, never to reach it's final destination.

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Status: Abandoned | Category: Commercial

May 2014
Yarker Storage Warehouse
Created on:5/14/2014
Created by: RogerM
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August 15th 2013
Yarker Storage Warehouse
Created on:8/15/2013
Created by: ora
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Address: 3998 County Road 1 East, Yarker, ON K0K 3N0, Canada
Province: Ontario

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