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Yarker Gas Station

Ontario : Stone Mills
Location #9373

Location Owner:ora
Creation Date: 8/15/2013
Last Updated: 8/15/2013

Right in Yarker lies a gas station. It consists of two buildings as well as the gas station part. One is like a garage and has tonnes of tools and equipment.

In the smaller more house-like building resides many personal and commercial items, like many cans of paint as well as grocery store racks with the candy bar names still on them. There is also a basement that can be accessed from the outside because the wall has been opened up and the stairs are broken.

The pumps are still there, as well as the booth for the service person, which contains a myriad of movie posters. The gas station sign is still up with 29 cents per litre for bronze fuel. Nowadays the only purpose this building serves as a parking lot for patrons of the Lucky Dollar convenience store across the road.

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Status: Abandoned | Category: Commercial

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Address: 4255 County Road 1 East, Yarker, ON K0K 3N0, Canada
Province: Ontario

Cadillac says:
8/21/2014 9:38:10 PM

That's an operational gas station

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