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Wolverton Cemetery

Ontario : Oxford County
Location #8267

Location Owner:ladyoftheflowers
Creation Date: 7/21/2013
Last Updated: 7/21/2013

A small cemetery in a small town. A friend took me here a few years ago, and it's always stuck with me for some reason.
It's considered active, but being in such a small town it's not used very often. Lots of historical significance - it's the resting place for the Wolverton family, the first settlers in the town. Check out the link included for more information.
Most of the old graves are illegible, though not all of them. Regardless, they're all great stone work for the time and area. Also love the gates, I wouldn't be surprised if they were the originals.

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Address: 917709 Wolverton Road, Drumbo, ON N0J 1G0, Canada
Province: Ontario

ladyoftheflowers says:
7/24/2013 1:30:17 PM

Ohh, didn't even notice that location - nice job. I love the photos!
That building is definitely interesting, too bad there is no POE. In fact, I'm not sure it's even entirely abandoned. Would love to take a look inside though. Also, I did notice the planes - makes me glad I don't live there haha, takes a bit away from the isolation and country-feel in my opinion.

mobileworks says:
7/22/2013 2:10:20 PM

Yes, this is in a nice place for sure. I have a location on Enos street, named after Enos Wolverton [1810-1883] , entry above yours , W. Gibsons land #4119 with just a few shots of their fenced in family plot, tho. Did you notice the planes overhead? Got to be on a flight path.

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