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Window of Opportunity

Location #15215
City: Guelph
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:bigpaulsmall
Creation Date: 3/18/2018
Last Updated: 3/18/2018
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Weird place, aren't they all. Most of the windows are gone, I don't mean smashed, I mean gone. There's nothing there. Looks like a possible reno at one time with random tools laying around and a plated pick up out side that looks like it hasn't moved in a while. Maybe they're waiting for the warmer weather. It's too bloody cold with all those windows wide open.

Too Bloody Cold
Window of Opportunity
Created on:3/18/2018
Created by: bigpaulsmall
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bigpaulsmall 3/29/2018 7:27:52 PM

No way! Got it just in time.

trailblazer519 3/29/2018 5:59:27 PM

Checked on this one today, it's now gone. An active construction site building a new house in its place..

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