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Whitefish Falls Church

Located in: Mongowin Township
Location #3871

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Location Owner:Corrie Roque
Creation Date: 1/16/2012
Last Updated: 1/19/2012

St Augustine Anglican Church in Whitefish Falls. A beautiful old building with lots of character. Soon after taking this single photo of the church, I had learned of this awesome website and though it would be a great place to showcase such a beautiful old building with more detailed photos. I planned to return the next year and explore but upon my return to the location I was upset to find that the building had been demolished and there was no sign that it had ever existed. Unfortunate...

This church appeared prominently in many episodes of the classic CBC tv show "Adventures in Rainbow Country".. To see it in its glory days watch this episode here:

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Status: Demolished
Category: Church

Links: Tv Show showcasing the church
http://entertainment.webshots. Photos around Whitefish Falls


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More Whitefish Falls
Whitefish Falls Church
Created on:1/19/2012
Created by: clay70
3 photos
Whitefish Falls
Whitefish Falls Church
Created on:1/16/2012
Created by: Corrie Roque
1 photos

mobileworks says:
4/12/2012 11:20:23 PM

the locals should have reacted long ago or notified the historic society so this would not have happened. who demos a church ? , what for 5 parking spots??

SaintSi1999 says:
4/12/2012 8:13:50 PM

What kind of TURKEY would tear down an awesome church like this???!!!

Corrie Roque says:
1/20/2012 12:35:04 AM

Yeah, it's too bad... I wish that I had taken a few more pics of the place, but I guess if I had know it was going to be torn down, I would have spent some time exploring! Hey Clay, great pic of the old AiRC mock fire tower! ;)

timo explorer says:
1/17/2012 7:26:05 PM

OMG, it was so beautiful, what a shame to lose it.

clay70 says:
1/17/2012 1:18:35 PM

They demolished it? u have got to be kidding..I think Sissy or whatever her name was from the general store owned it...

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