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Whitefish Bil-Mur Motel

Ontario : Greater Sudbury
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Creation Date: 1/1/2006
Last Updated: 1/1/2006

The Bil-Mur Campground and Motel was once a popular summer location for campers where, during summer nights, it was not unusual to see the camping lot full of lights strung from trailers and small gatherings taking place around campfires.

Beside the campground stood “J's Other Place” tavern, where motorists, campers and overnight guests could quench their thirst or hunger. The Bil-Mur hotel offered overnight lodging for motorists along Regional Road 55.

During a 2008 visit, it was noticed that the rooms to the left of the motel office were a mess. The doors had been removed from their hinges, the insides looked like they had been hastily vacated and junk was strewn throughout the rooms. One room had a large hole in the back wall. The rooms to the right of the office were intact, and cars were parked outside the doors.

The future of this motel is not certain but it appears that it is being slowly demolished. The upstairs portion of “J's Other Place” contains living quarters for tenants which have been abandoned.

Bil-Mur is located along Regional Road 55 between Sudbury and Whitefish.

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Province: Ontario

rick_d25 says:
4/12/2010 12:49:44 PM

The Bil-Mur Campground and Motel is demolished and the lot is now being used by Legend Boats.

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