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Westboro Warehouse

Ontario : Ottawa
Location #3017

Location Owner:markelius
Creation Date: 8/3/2011
Last Updated: 7/25/2016

Some warehouses near Westboro beach.

The buildings are mostly boarded up, but can be entered via the large garage doors on the outside, which aren't actually heavy at all.

The smaller one is filled with boxes of old binders and disorganized furniture, there is graffiti all over the place as well. The second is mostly empty, the outside is also covered in graffiti.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website indicates the buildings are to be torn down, but nothing has been scheduled, and the proposition was made in 2009, so the buildings probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
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abandoned in westboro
Westboro Warehouse
Created on:7/26/2016
Created by: maybe.gabe
6 photos
boarded up
Westboro Warehouse
Created on:7/18/2015
Created by: Greg
4 photos
Inside the Warehouse
Westboro Warehouse
Created on:2/15/2014
Created by: IvanCooke
4 photos
Exterior Shots
Westboro Warehouse
Created on:2/15/2012
Created by: Moderate
10 photos
Exterior examination
Westboro Warehouse
Created on:8/3/2011
Created by: markelius
10 photos


Status: Abandoned
Category: Commercial


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ssafa says:
5/18/2018 2:45:00 PM

It's now all screwed shut.

becca_styles says:
6/25/2015 9:39:21 AM

How do you get through the fence?

markelius says:
5/17/2012 9:09:31 PM

@xunderdaicex: Well as I said the garage doors can be lifted open very easily. Though your right about being careful. Also I wouldn't recommend staying in the smaller building very long without a dust/gas mask because the air is infested with mould spores, the larger building probably doesn't have the cleanest air either.

xunderdaicex says:
5/17/2012 1:19:53 PM

went here a couple days ago and the back door on the larger building was open. one of the rooms was scattered with needles so i'd be careful if you go check it out.

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