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Wellington Rd 26

Ontario : Centre Wellington
Location #1682

Location Owner:dwild63
Creation Date: 6/15/2010
Last Updated: 5/21/2011

Found this crumbling structure while out for a sunday drive a few months ago. Finally now have been able to post. I have been off line the last time I tried to post these my system crashed in the middle of the process. Enjoy

*Demolished sometime between May 2011 and Jan 2012*

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Bella Belwood
Wellington Rd 26
Created on:11/2/2012
Created by: f.o.s.
20 photos
Wellington Rd 26
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: dwild63
9 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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f.o.s. says:
11/2/2012 12:36:01 PM

I'll never forget when I got home it was like my pant cuffs were catnip, my cat just sat there for an hour smelling my shoes and where my pants brushed through the grass. She probably got more of the story than I did!

f.o.s. says:
11/2/2012 12:23:40 PM

I happened on this place back in 2010 while on a road trip. It used to be at the corner of Sidedroad 30 and WR 26 (you can still see it on street view of google maps bc their satellite image was taken in 2009). Wish I'd posted my pics sooner, sad to hear it's gone, but with it being so close to the road it was inevitable. It was my first *sniff *

No Access says:
10/8/2012 10:02:35 AM

The map is wrong.... Will try to find where this is Again

No Access says:
4/2/2012 7:16:21 PM

We have been here before..... can't remember what we actually found it tho

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On 10/13/2012 6:36:06 PM user No Access changed the following: city,

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