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Warden and Baseline

Ontario : Georgina
Location #6141

Location Owner:Mydea
Creation Date: 1/11/2013
Last Updated: 7/17/2014

This 150 year old farm house is a real gem. Exposed to the elements, time has taken it's toll on this place. Some notable features are the worlds smallest kitchen and some of the coolest wallpaper ever printed! The property is owned by the farmer directly to the south who payed me a visit well I was there. He informed me he had purchased the 200 acre parcel several years back and wasn't sure of his plans for the house. the Google street view shows this place as rather overgrown but the owner has removed many of the trees surrounding the house so he can keep an eye on trespassers. I would recommend getting permission before going to this place just to be respectful and avoid any confrontations. The guy was very nice and eager to share his knowledge of the property. The barn has been removed and all that remain of the outbuildings are two old silos.

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

Don't Ask
Warden and Baseline
Created on:7/17/2014
Created by: DARKMAN
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Age and Beauty!
Warden and Baseline
Created on:1/11/2013
Created by: Mydea
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Province: Ontario

timo explorer says:
8/12/2017 11:19:02 PM

Demolished. Only the silo remains.

7/17/2014 8:47:49 PM

Did as suggested and asked permission. Response: We are so damn tired of you newspaper people. NO.

Kenndruuh says:
4/23/2013 11:35:31 AM

How do I contact the owner to see this location? It's beautiful!!

ground state says:
1/13/2013 8:58:42 PM

Wow... an exhausting visit! So much to see. The colour/clarity enhancements worked magnificently for this gallery. Beautiful!

azreal says:
1/12/2013 11:40:19 AM

That's just awesome!

f.o.s. says:
1/11/2013 9:44:23 PM

Great set Mydea! Thanks for the extra intel too, always nice to find someone chill like that and willing to tell a story!

trailblazer519 says:
1/11/2013 8:33:26 PM

Beauty of a find..

timo explorer says:
1/11/2013 7:11:28 PM

Excellent photographs, well done.

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