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City: Addington Highlands
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Status: Historic Location
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Created By:RogerM
Creation Date: 6/2/2014
Last Updated: 1/26/2019
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Vennachar was first settled in 1861 and became one of the major towns in the Addington Highlands, servicing farms and the lumber industry in the surrounding area. Its prominence came to an end in 1903 when a fire swept through the area destroying most of the homes and businesses.

Today, there are a few remaining residents, but the town is in severe decline. The photos are of the chrrch which survived the fire and was restored in 1987. Although locked, visitors are told to inquire at the Vennachar Store, which, unfortunately, no longer exists.

Although my time was limited when I came across this gem, I intend to return and explore a little more.

I have included a couple of links which give a better, although now outdated, history of the town.


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