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Train on Decommissioned Track

Ontario : Fort Erie
Location #4804

Location Owner:ground state
Creation Date: 5/21/2012
Last Updated: 9/30/2012


*** UPDATE: December 2012 - Train is no longer at this location ***

An abandoned caboose and full train (all flat cars however... no boxes) has been sitting at this location for close to three years (check out the plant growth in and around the tracks in the gallery below for a clear indication of just how decommissioned and abandoned this line is). Although the train may be moved at some point, this is worth a post because of the unique nature of the vehicle and the ease of the explore. It is actually a perfect "first explore" for kids... seriously! There are no nails to step on, no floors to fall through, and there are zero air quality issues. Clear evidence inside the caboose indicates that it has been used as a fort for teens. Quite a bit of broken glass litters the inside but it is safety glass. There is a gravel driveway beside the tracks that makes for very easy parking at: N 42 56.189 W 078 58.757

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Status: Abandoned | Category: Railway

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Province: Ontario

photoobsessed says:
12/29/2012 1:20:01 AM

Sad to report that this train is no longer there :(

Sherendipity says:
10/11/2012 7:40:11 AM

Fortwander: Fisheye lens or post processing?

Sherendipity says:
9/8/2012 4:10:35 PM

I made this my first "Abandoned Places" explore. Great way to get started! =)

kev7716 says:
9/7/2012 9:54:34 PM

nice find!

mobileworks says:
5/22/2012 5:59:33 PM

good eye

riddimryder says:
5/22/2012 9:38:48 AM

Nice find! The caboose I found was totally demo'd, burned out, covered in graffiti. This looks fairly decent!

ann_faith says:
5/22/2012 7:49:12 AM

of course it has to be ruiend again by pesky teens, seeing places like these-trashed by teens really ruins the experience for me as an explorer

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