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Tottenham Hotspur

Ontario : New Tecumseth
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Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 10/17/2010
Last Updated: 7/13/2019

This abandoned farm home is near the picturesque town of Tottenham on the west side of the highway...Police are here checking all the time so be careful..

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

The End is Nigh
Tottenham Hotspur
Created on:7/13/2019
Created by: timo explorer
10 photos
No Access today
Tottenham Hotspur
Created on:9/29/2018
Created by: CoffeeQueen
8 photos
Bones and barrels
Tottenham Hotspur
Created on:9/13/2016
Created by: LostAndFound
8 photos
A look back
Tottenham Hotspur
Created on:8/9/2014
Created by: BenDempster
7 photos
The White House
Tottenham Hotspur
Created on:5/29/2013
Created by: The Duke
8 photos
Tottenham Hotspur
Created on:2/26/2012
Created by: OAP
3 photos
Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur
Created on:10/17/2010
Created by: clay70
7 photos

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Address: 1592 Queen St S, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0, Canada
Province: Ontario

timo explorer says:
7/13/2019 1:10:47 AM

Currently this old place is being torn down. Looks like the roof has collapsed and there are loads of heavy tire tracks all round the house and some interior bits that have been pulled clear of the house. I''ll keep and eye on it, it won''t be around long.

The Duke says:
5/31/2013 4:47:10 PM

There is barbed wire in the front driveway to prevent people from driving up. Where did you get in? I didn't see any way in when I was there a few days ago. The garage was wide open.

clay70 says:
10/19/2010 12:28:33 PM

hmm i never saw an OPP sign at all. I wonder if squatters were living in there. the access inside was very easy though..i will make this not a public location and to be only viewed by members only..

don says:
10/19/2010 11:31:49 AM

i noticed a bunch of cops and firemen at this house either this summer or last summer. seemed like there was something big going on.

crasher2 says:
10/18/2010 10:17:36 PM

If you were looking carefully at the front of the house you would notice the indication that the area of this house is being surveillanced by the opp

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